Demand Side Issues

Visibility of Skilled professional

Skill categories are so wide ranges from unskilled to semi-skilled to skilled.

Shrinking Skilled workforce

Multiple factors affect skill crowd. The previous generation of skilled workers are in high demand , not because of their experience but huge younger population has moved into Technology education. While experienced people are quite a few their age related factors affect productivity & output in some of the labourious skills. This in turn constraint things further and availability of people become fewer & fewer. While the availability is less the wages go high and productivity levels come down causing a cyclic effect and affects the Nations productivity level.

Quality of Workforce

When there is an abundance of workforce there shall be high output with lower wages. Also this will rigour completion among the workers thus quality improves. However if the skills are scarce this will lead to negative consequences.

Scarcity turns businesses unviable

When a new Business is created generally human & Financial capital flows into the Business. The finance will inturn be invested on Capital, Goods, Infrastructure, Tools, Technology, land etc. When the Human Resource become scarce all other inputs become unused and lead to grave consequences for Investors. In a healthy Business Environment continuous availability of Human Resource is critical.