Identifying Skill Gaps

In a Country, where there is oversupply of people and huge unfilled Jobs, the gap in terms of skills. As a growing Nation strengths are across different Industry verticals and Business functions , each of these dimensions are very unusual in India where one side of the country has proven the thought leadership and on the other side millions of people are capable also . Though we have strengths at top to bottom still there have been huge need of people at different levels is Identifying skill gaps not an important priority.

ConsoTree has been pioneering in designing suitable methodologies, Templates and Processes to elicit the gaps prevailing in skills. On behalf of State, Central Government ConsoTree has been involved in Gross root level of skill gaps and aggregating the same at different levels.

One of the National level pilot program Initiated by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) was conceptualized and executed by ConsoTree which has been taken as a Standard and rolled out across different cities by respective authorities. In the process ConsoTree has accumulated huge wealth of Information and Know-house.