Core Values

Value Centricity

Market economy makes investors hungry for double digit returns / profits.

The Price of Technology Products/Services offered by larger enterprises

includes that margin and thus become expensive for Consumers. Being

a Social Enterprise Platform, ConsoTree simply eliminates the need for

30% margin earned by investors and passes that benefit to customers.

No compromise on fundamentals

Social Enterprise does not mean poor commitment,inferior execution

or lack of ownership. Being led by industry veterans ,technocrats and

backed by passionate leaders, ConsoTree does not compromise on

process quality , service delivery and responsibility.  One cannot feel

any difference in the way it conducts businesses.   Moreover,   every

engagement is sufficed with a combination of Quality, Program & Risk

manager along with single point Relationship manager..

Collectively larger, stronger

Turbulent times make Businesses suffer, people go jobless,economy

crashes thus disrupts the balance. A healthy pipeline of opportunities

can  help organizations to overcome volatility.   ConsoTree,  being a

federate parent organization can showcase its collective strengths to

bid for sizable opportunities & distribute to the members to promote

sustainability  and economic inclusivity.   Also   insulate the growing

organizations being eaten up by competition. Together   ConsoTree

is larger, stronger than the matured larger commercial enterprises.

Focus on underdeveloped areas

Workers flee to urban areas. Matured enterprises shy away from rural,

lower Tier cities.   Country like ours   can be stronger only by creating

equal opportunities across regions. ConsoTree has undivided focus &

stronger commitment for underdeveloped towns in the southern region.

The  abundant untapped resources  along with differentiated business

modelson top of ConsoTree platform is all set to make the impact.