Supply Side Issues

Visibility of Jobs

Except Technology companies , Most Employers are using conventional channels such as Paper Advertisements, Bill boards, notices, posters, etc. This has only limited reach. Many jobs are usually word of mouth, not visible to Job seekers.

One – off job fairs do not help

Though Job fairs facilitate many hires at one go it does not help when Job seekers need a job badly

Job Market Continues to be fragmented

India is such a vast Country and most parts have multiple Industry verticals, however each of those Industries is scattered across different Geographies and each Industry requires local language, Cultural Knowledge and various parameters such as life style cost and associated factors for the same Job/Skill. This makes Job search very complex to Job seekers

Absence of Tools

A Country of 130 Crore population does not have any Standard Repository of Job Market related Information. Most Jobs are never updated in a particular Channel. This is purely because there is no single tool to provide necessary Information. Absence of Tools complicates the job search for 400+ Million population